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St. Charles Primary School, Kingston-upon-Hull

St. Charles Primary School, Hull

Following a recommendation from the environmental health department it was decided by the client that the kitchen would be re-furbished and brought in line with current standards. This was to include the removal of all wooden units, re-fitted with stainless steel and the fitting of hygienic wall and floor coverings. With the addition of a hygienic suspended ceiling and energy efficient LED lighting.

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Rational Demonstration Kitchen


We have our very own demonstration kitchen within our premises showcasing safety flooring, UPVC walls and our ATL ECO LOGIC Intelligent Kitchen Ventilation Control system paired with one of our premium extraction canopies. Also located here is the latest Rational Five Senses Self Cooking Centre.

Rational hold regular monthly demonstrations of their ovens and customers are invited to come along and sample the food that is cooked in it. Please contact us to book your place at the next demo!

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