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St. Charles Primary School, Hull

Following a recommendation from the environmental health department it was decided by the client that the kitchen would be re-furbished and brought in line with current standards. This was to include the removal of all wooden units, re-fitted with stainless steel and the fitting of hygienic wall and floor coverings. With the addition of a hygienic suspended ceiling and energy efficient LED lighting.


Our in house design team produced a CAD Drawing and specification for approval by the client and the environmental health officer. The drawing was altered after our first design meeting to suit the more up to date menu and the school’s meals requirements.

Once the drawing and specification had been approved it was handed to our project management team who produced a program of works to inform the client of every step of the refurbishment process. This also included a comprehensive health and safety file to ensure safe working at all times.

Product delivery:

ATL assigned an experienced and dedicated project manager to ensure the project was completed on time and cost with minimum supervision from the client. The project manager was responsible for safe working at all times while ensuring our team of contractors and our own team of engineers where working to the highest possible standards.

The work consisted of:

  • Stripping out the kitchen and safely storing all the equipment ready to be re fitted.
  • Full re-wire and replacement of all pipework in the kitchen.
  • The installation of hygienic wall and floor coverings.
  • Hygienic suspended ceiling and energy efficient LED lighting.
  • Replace all wooden cabinets with stainless steel benches, sinks, racks and stainless steel service chamber.
  • Once completed the project manager conducted a handover meeting and a project completion folder. This contained all of the relevant certificates to ensure the complete satisfaction of the client.

ATL completed the project in exactly 4 weeks and delivered the project on timescale and cost.

Customer feedback:

"The contract for this work was awarded by the diocese Property management team and Hull catering worked with the diocese on the plan, lay out and requirements for the refurbishment, which following the contract award to ATL, we worked with their lead project team members to ensure the works were carried out to specification, standards and within agreed timescales. All targets and objectives where achieved and the kitchen was returned to the catering team and the school on time and ready to resume the school meals production, once again thank you to the Diocese, the school SMT and ATL." - Chris Ford, Facilities Manager (Catering), Hull City Council


St. Charles Primary School, Hull

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