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Eco Logic GE4S

The new Eco Logic GE4S by ATL Commercial Kitchens is a complete ventilation and environmental control system for any situation.

The panel is designed with simplicity for the user and maximum energy efficiency in mind. The system controls the environment within the kitchen so that the user is both safe and comfortable.

The system works on the principles of running the minimum fan speeds at all times thus reducing unwanted fan and heating energy losses while constantly monitoring the kitchen environment. This modulates the system based on temperature, CO2 and cooking load to maintain optimum comfort, efficiency and safety.

The system comprises of a control panel with user indicator LED's, a summer/winter switch and a remote automated system control panel that can be fitted indoors or outdoors for your convenience.

The Eco Logic GE4S panel can be used with all types of heating plant including wet coil, dry electric heater battery and gas fired plant. With the simple addition of heat recovery systems, it has never been easier to have the most up to date technology installed in your kitchen.

The Eco Logic system offers a one box for all solution for all your commercial kitchen heating and ventilation needs.

Initial testing is indicating a 5-year payback period in direct reduction in energy costs over a standard ventilation system*.

Product features:

  • The simplest user control panel on the market that is small and easy to maintain
  • Keeps noise levels inside and outside the kitchen at a minimum.
  • Keeps energy costs to the absolute minimum with an estimated payback of 5 years over a conventional system. *
  • Super-efficient inverter drive units.
  • DW172 Compliant.
  • Simple to install due to simply connecting up the numbered connections.
  • Will connect to your existing heating kitchen AHU system.
  • Suitable for gas or electric plant.
  • Pre-programmed for heat recovery.

*cost difference based on a standard system by ATL


Eco Logic GE4S

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